Public Relations and Public Affairs

Pure public relations firms engage in those activities intended to influence and direct the opinion of any person or group in the interest of another person, group or institution.

Print and electronic media are the primary means of communicating this message, which is carefully crafted based upon market research.

On the other hand, traditional governmental affairs firms seek to effect change in the political arena. Their target audience can be elected officials on all levels, members of regulatory boards, or voters. The governmental affairs firm engages in research, lobbying, and grassroots activities.

Just as in public relations, communication between the client and the audience for whom the message is intended is critical.

All political issues have a public component. Conversely, nearly all public relations efforts have some political impact. Public Affairs is the management of issues which have both a public and a political component.

What is Stephen Bradley & Associates?

Our firm’s approach to public affairs goes far beyond the familiar press releases and hit-or-miss efforts to generate good will. We view public affairs as a discipline for highly specialized skills and talents.

We believe each client deserves high-caliber strategy by experts, experience in managing public opinion, and the capability to execute a well-planned program.

In order to meet our clients’ goals, Stephen Bradley & Associates can provide analysis, planning, and advice based on years of experience and a staff of specialists skilled to achieve a positive public affairs, public relations, or media relations outcome.

Our firm is a team player.

We thrive in an environment of teamwork and commitment to quality. We assume that each member of the team has a contribution to make. We enjoy using our expertise to realize the vision of the team. And we believe the client is the team captain.